‚ÄčAt Fleur de Lis Organics, we embrace holistic living through all we do. Each treatment  utilizes our carefully crafted and customized blends of herbs, essential oils and nourishing masks. All of our treatments contain the essentials for achieving healthy, radiant skin while nurturing the mind, the body and the spirit, offering the experience of holistic balance. Our unique approach unveils a beauty that shines from within and radiates out, revealing a natural, luminous glow and miraculous, renewed skin.  In keeping true to our all natural approach to beauty, we offer holistic facials using products that are free of chemicals, synthetics and preservatives and knowledge transmitted through generation to generation for thousands of years. Depending on what your skin, body and mind require, your facial will be tailored to suit your personal needs. The treatments are a tailored and proprietary mix of Ayurvedic, Japanese and TCM. You can also take home a combination of topical skincare that will be custom made to order, specifically for you. here.

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